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Aacaway Bedding - Mattress Store | Comstock Park, MI Foam rubber cut to size


At Aacaway Bedding we specialize in high density foam rubber that can be cut to any size you need. You can depend on us for custom-cut couch cushions, window seats, boat beds, and boat cushions, and a great price to go along with it.

  • Window seats

  • Couch cushions

  • Boat beds

  • RV and camper beds and seat cushions      

  • Hide-a-beds

  • Semi or Truck mattresses

Unlike your typical big box store, when you visit the showroom at Aacaway Bedding you can count on receiving friendly, personalized service every time.


Our owners interact with you directly to help you locate the perfect item for you.

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Friendly, personalized service

If you're purchasing a custom-cut window seat or couch cushions, why not complement them and rejuvenate your home's décor with finely made upholstery or one of our custom couch covers. Plus, we can deliver all of your customized items directly to your home.

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All Restonic mattresses come with 5 to 20 year manufacturer's warranties.

  • Antique bed mattresses

  • Crib mattresses

  • Odd size mattresses

  • Foam wedges

  • Costumes